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R&R Firearms proudly presents Italian Gun Grease.

    The  IGG lubricants are very different. They do lubricate and cut friction, but are not true lubricants; they contain proprietary metal conditioners that are heat activated. Our HSM (Heat Seeking Molecule) formula penetrates into the substrate and fills in microscopic gaps where points of friction exist. IGG doesn’t burn up in high heat, it actually bakes the surface into an even harder super slick film coating. The result is a very hard, high heat, high pressure resistant micro polished surface. Tests have shown that the IGG metal treatment process can cut friction by as much as 85%; this is not just “a little better” than competitive products, but “magnitudes better.”

   With his military background, Aaron Iwanciw was acutely aware of the challenges of friction in relation to shooting effectiveness. Through a conversation with an Italian chemist, Aaron learned that metal to metal friction reduction was possible with the application of a unique chemical formula of the chemists’s design.

After field-testing and refining the formula, Iwanciw concluded that it was the most effective firearm lubricant he had ever used. And the enthusiastic reactions from a wide array of shooters across all walks of life only further solidified his opinion.

Iwanciw now had a mission: to mass-produce and market the world’s best firearm lubricant and protectant.

Italian Gun Grease was born.

In addition to the original TrueGrease formula, Iwanciw and his team in Spring Hill, TN expanded the product line by introducing lubricants specifically designed for the needs of individual shooters (Sportsman, Tactical, and Black Powder), as well as several cleaning products (Carbon Eliminator, ClearView, Stiletto Gun Bath, etc).

Not only has Italian Gun Grease received rave reviews from users worldwide, but it is now the lubricant/protectant of choice for some of the best shooters in the world, including Jerry Miculek, Max Michel, and Mike Sexton.

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