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Lodging for two people for 4 nights and 3 days of hunting with a Certified Maine Guide and trained hounds.  You can add up to 6 hunters for a discounted rates.  Call 727-822-7900, ask for pricing.

About our trips

R&R Firearms offers traditional rabbit hunting in the White Mountains of Maine. Our trips include lodging on the Mountain with view of the White Mountains. With our Maine certified guide and his champions beagles your trip will be sure to be a blast.
Rabbit trips are available October – March.

About our guide

Maine Resident and Registered Maine Guide, Zane Westleigh, has owned beagles for over thirty years. As an American Kennel Club licensed field trial judge, he believes raising quality dogs begins when they are very young. Allowing pups to learn at their own pace and giving them opportunities to develop their natural hunting instincts help to form a strong bond between dog and owner. Zane currently has a pack of nine beagles that he has raised as his preferred hunting stock. The sire of the pack finished at the age of three as a Field Champion, as well as qualified as the top male in New England in 2007. “Wiley” is Zane’s pride and joy, and still leads the younger dogs on hunting days.

Zane enjoys taking hunters, both young and old, into the Maine woods to listen to the dogs as they pursue the ever illusive Snowshoe Hare. He can’t guarantee the hunters will get a shot at a rabbit, but he can certainly hope they enjoy the day as much as he does!


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